Friday, February 6, 2015

That Time of the Year: Feb Club

The Yale Feb Club Emeritus calendar for 2015 now includes a Westchester event Feb. 26, as well as others in the New York area. (AYA photo)
That time of the year is upon us:  Feb Club Emeritus, the Yale and only Yale tradition, where students and alumni convene to party off the dreariness of the month of February and to cast hope that spring is around the corner. Parties and alumni gatherings are scheduled for each day of the month around the world. New York and India started it off this year in 2015 with scheduled stops in far-away places like Seoul, Vancouver, Melbourne and Milwaukee.

And now even in Westchester.  Feb Club comes to Tarrytown Thursday, Feb. 26, as this region joins the tradition. The area event will be held at Cellar 49 at 49 East Sunnyside Lane in Tarrytown, 7-9 pm. All alumni, from all classes, are invited. Just show up. Spouses and guests can come along. It's a pay-your-own-way event for food and drinks. Cellar 49 is located in the basement of the Tarrytown House Estate, the historic Biddle Mansion. 

Feb Club started on campus at Yale in the mid-1970's.  The Emeritus version has is now in its eight year.  

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