Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feb Club Comes to Sleepy Hollow

Feb Club Emeritus has 2017 stopovers in Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo, Denver, Boston, Cincinnati, Rome, and finally in Westchester's Sleepy Hollow Feb. 28. (Feb Club Emeritus photos)

Got the post-holiday, winter-in-Westchester, pre-spring-break blues?  Waiting for the days to get longer, the sun to shine brighter and the opportunity to go outside without layers of wool?  Spring is still a month or so away.

Yale's alumni tradition, Feb Club Emeritus, once again offers its solution to fight off the blahs, gather with other Yale alumni and celebrate nothing more than the company of others who experienced Yale and can swap stories about Old Campus, Mory's, Science Hill, and Sterling Library. Feb Club Emeritus schedules at least one Yale event somewhere around the world every single day of the month.

Feb Club Emeritus has already launched its 2017 series of Yale parties and gatherings here and abroad.  Feb Club Westchester will reconvene for the third straight year.  Krista Madsen '95 and the Class of '95 will host a Feb Club Emeritus event Tuesday, Feb. 28 (7:30-10 pm) in Sleepy Hollow at the Red Zebra restaurant (31 Beekman Ave.), a new Italian eatery featuring pastas, Italian wines, and micro beers. The Class of '95 will provide appetizers, and guests will purchase their own drinks.  All Yale alumni (from any class) and their guests are invited. 

Feb Club events have already occurred in Denver, New York, Washington, and Cincinnati and abroad in Manila, Mumbai, Tokyo, Australia and Singapore.  The flurry of Yale celebrations will be capped off on the last day with an event in Geneva, Switzerland, and, of course, the Class of '95's party in Sleepy Hollow.  For fun, friendship, and for Yale.

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