Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Yale Book Awards, 2017

This spring, YWAA will continue a tradition of recognizing top high-school students in Westchester with its annual book awards (YWAA photos).
This year between April and June, YWAA will present Yale Book Awards to 51 juniors at Westchester high schools. A Westchester annual tradition, the book awards recognize top students at these schools for "outstanding personal character and intellectual promise."

Once again, the award this year includes The Yale Book of Quotations, edited by Yale Law School's Fred Shapiro, a tote bag and book plate with the student's name. YWAA board member Peter Santhanam '85 Ph.D. administers the program.  YWAA board members and other alumni distribute books to the schools.  At some schools, Westchester alums will present the awards at an honors assembly and highlight the accomplishments of winners.

Each school selects a Yale Book Award recipient based on criteria provided by YWAA. The program is not associated with Yale admissions, although many recipients in past years choose to apply to Yale and some have attended.  For some students, the award introduces them to Yale. YWAA's long-time goal has been to recognize exceptional achievement in Westchester schools.

Participating schools cover the full cross-section of public and private schools in Westchester from Yorktown to Yonkers, from Tarrytown to Port Chester.  Lincoln High School in Yonkers, for example, will be a new participant in 2016. 

The program is supported by YWAA and alumni donations.

Click YBA for more about the awards in past years.


  1. It was such an incredible honor to be selected and receive the Yale Book Award this past year at Yorktown High School. It humbles me significantly to be recognized for my educational, personal, and community achievements. I look forward to being inspired by the vast knowledge offered throughout "The Yale Book of Quotations." Thus far, my favorite quote from the book is “Seize the time” stated by Bobby Seale. I enjoy these wise words as they provide me with further motivation to chase after my goals and remind me that hard work and passion can overpower all odds. Again I’m so very honored to receive the Yale Book Award for this year from my high school and I hope to continue to demonstrate these attributes throughout my personal growth.

  2. After three full years of pursuing academic achievement, it is incredibly rewarding to having been chosen to be this years recipient of the Yale University Book Award at Blind Brook High School. My performance in school has always been guided by my own personal ambitions to achieve a higher degree of education, and give back to the community around us. This of course is coupled with my perpetual curiosity of the world. Through the years, I have learned that knowledge itself directly contributes to my own cognitive and emotional development, and have come to not only appreciate the opportunities I have, but find pleasure in engaging with them. I am so grateful that I have been recognized for my academic successes, and I look forward finding a practical application of the education I have been so fortunate to receive. I am confident that "The Yale Book of Quotations," will be of great assistance as I transition from high school into the years of further education ahead of me. One again, I am so incredibly honored to having been selected to be the recipient of this award. I want to thank the Yale University Westchester Alumni Association for providing me with this incredible recognition, and for representing the success in life that wish to achieve. -Jared Bassett