Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb Club Emeritus: No Agenda

Feb Club 2014 gatherings and parties around the world wind down with last-day events in Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

Feb Club Emeritus proves Yale grads do get to go home again. Sort of.  Or they can joyfully relive what it was like to brighten up dreary days of February with impromptu parties each day in February, in a Yale setting, with no agenda.

Feb Club Emeritus is a response to a basic question:  What is the best way for Yale alumni to endure February blahs? Have a jolly time under a big blue Yale banner with fellow alums of all generations with no politics, no debate and minimal ado. Just comraderie and shared Yale experiences. Rules? No speeches, no fund-raising.

Feb Club Emeritus, the 2014 edition, is winding up a month of Yale parties, dinners, drink-ups and gatherings across the globe in places like Tokyo, San Francisco, Colorado, New Dehli, Amsterdam, South Carolina, Shanghai, Mississippi and even Sochi. Lots and lots of "Bulldog, Bulldog."  Lots of hanky-waving "Bright College Years." Lots of Morse vs. Stiles discussions.

Over 100 Club events were scheduled for every day of the month, including 12 gatherings on Feb. 22 from Haiti to Hamburg and Honolulu.  Westchester County was not the site of a Feb Club event this year, but there were nearby Club gatherings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Greenwich, and Beacon, NY.

Feb Club Emeritus, as lead organizer Tim Harkness '87 likes to remind all, is a Yale, and only Yale, phenomenon.  Harvard people wouldn't understand.

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