Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reunion Weekend, 2014

Yale Whiffenpoofs, from the Classes of '49 to '99, took the stage at Woolsey Hall (top)during the first weekend of reunions in New Haven (YWAA photos)


The moment when graduating students and parents cry one last set of tears and scatter toward new life phases, Yale disassembles the big stage on Old Campus and prepares for successive weekends of reunions. This year, the classes of the Nines and Fours returned to New Haven for another attempt to recreate bright college years. Old cliques reform, and stories are retold or reshaped.  'Hounies band together.  Former Daily News editors recall anxious all-nighters. Old football players rehash one more time a Harvard-Yale game on a cold field.  

JE is still the popular target of inter-college taunts. Science Hill is still thought to be too far from Cross Campus. Many exclaim they could never get admitted today with admit rates so imperceptibly low. Most can't believe what tuition rates have climbed to. Old Whiffs lead classes in a resounding rendition of Bright College Years.  Yet to the glee of all, old buildings, now spruced up for another few decades, still stand and conjure precious memories. 

This year Yale classes of the Nines and Fours gathered. Above, the Class of '49 was headquartered in JE College, the Class of '79 in Timothy Dwight, the Class of '84 in Davenport, the Class of '94 in Siliman, and the Class of '99 in Branford.
Twelve members of the Whiffenpoofs '79 (above, L) performed for members of all reunion classes in Woolsey Hall. (YWAA photos)

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