Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summertime Yale

(Yale photos, Michael Morand '87)

Summertime Yale is a peaceful Yale.

There is activity, but none of the frenzy of the school year when undergraduates, graduate students and faculty rush through courtyards and swarm up Hillhouse Ave. The campus takes a break from theater, debate, labs, all-nighters, pizza treks, protests, sign-posting, a capella, frisbee tossing, head-of-college teas, and crowds gathering in Bass Library.

Summertime calm is a chance to appreciate images and settings unique to Yale (above): Harkness Tower from any angle, the Divinity School courtyard, East Rock environs, the crown of Woolsey Hall, and the new tower at the new Pauli Murray '65 JSD College.

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