Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Return Visit to Scarsdale Garden

Yale Day of Service volunteers in Scarsdale included (L-R) Thomas Fisher '59, Maureen Fisher, B.K. Munguia '75, Brian Beitler '18, Steven Lewis '18, Julia Feldstein '18, and Jane Veron '86

Yale alumni made a return visit to Scarsdale to help in a variety of activities on Day of Service, 2014, May 10.  Maggie Favretti '85, site coordinator, who leads the Sustainable Garden Project at Scarsdale High School in Scarsdale, greeted the volunteers with a list of chores at the community garden, including helping to build a deer fence.  The garden produces over 1,500 pounds of food each year, most of which is distributed to food pantries in the Westchester area.

This year's volunteer corps included newly admitted Yale students, who before they've had a chance to decorate their new dorm rooms on Old Campus, participated in a global community-service event with Yale flavor.  New Yalies Brian Beitler '18, Steven Lewis '18, and Julia Feldstein '18 joined Favretti and other Yale alumni in Scarsdale. The group had a goal:  Get the garden ready for another productive summer.

YWAA board members Jane Veron '86 and B.K. Munguia '75 participated in Scarsdale.  Thomas Fisher '59 and Maureen Fisher also joined the group and the picnic that followed a day of chores.

Day of Service activities followed the Garden Project's "Gardening Matters" all-day event in Scarsdale, Apr. 5, that promoted the formation of gardens in other areas in Westchester and Rockland counties and in the Bronx.

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