Wednesday, April 9, 2014

YDoS: May 10 Approaches

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With Yale Day of Service, 2014, approaching, Westchester Coordinator Suzanne Burger '82 below invites Yale alumni in the area to participate at Westchester sites:

We are all eager to emerge from the lock of this winter’s arctic vortex. Signs of spring are increasing along with the daylight: daffodil greens peek out, boxes of matzo and stacks of chocolate Easter Bunnies line the selves, and Yale Day of Service is just around the corner!

It’s time to join together with other Yalies at one of the several sites being coordinated through the Yale Westchester Alumni Association and the AYA. Which of these service sites suits your interests and/or skills?

  • We are returning to the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff to assist on a range of tasks from grounds beautification to assistance with kitten socialization.

  • At Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, Westchester County’s largest park and biodiversity area, possible projects include: planting perennials and laying mulch around the entrance to the park, installing new info boards and cedar posts at trail heads, re-planting saplings where the park’s famed cathedral pines once stood, installing deer fencing around replacement trees.

  • In Scarsdale, we will help launch this year’s volunteer and garden season at the Scarsdale High School Sustainable Garden Project
While these three events take place on May 10th, we also have an exciting new opportunity occurring on Friday, May 9th from 9-12 (lunch is optional):
  • In Mt. Vernon, The William H. Holmes Elementary School is holding a career panel. We'd like people from all career paths to:
  • tell your stories and share what inspired you and your career path;
  • talk about what classes you took in school and what else you did for your career path;
  • explain how your career plans have changed along the way;
  • be open about how you dealt with uncertainty, surprises, mistakes and changes;
  • enjoy answering students’ questions;
  • inspire students’ curiosity to explore different career ideas;
  • be yourself and have fun.
Presenters will speak for about 30 minutes, including Q&A, to each of the three grades (4th, 5th, 6th).

To sign up for any of these sites, go to

Suzanne Burger '82
Westchester Coordinator
Yale Day of Service, 2014

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