Saturday, April 26, 2014

Career Day in Mt. Vernon

Day of Service volunteers will spend a morning with students at the William H. Holmes School in Mt. Vernon, May 9

Yale alumni and friends will spend a morning in Mt. Vernon sharing stories about experiences in many occupations, during a special Career Day, Friday, May 9, at the William H. Holmes Elementary School. The Mt. Vernon school will be one of four Westchester-coordinated sites during the weekend of Yale's fifth annual Day of Service, 2014.  Alumni will spend the day in classes, advise students and answer questions about jobs, career paths, and perhaps stumbles, failures and career changes.  

The Yale group will talk about classes and special interests they were involved in school that helped prepare them. Susan Kaminsky '86, Regional Director for New York State for Yale Day of Service and site coordinator, and her team below encourage alumni to share experiences:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Yalies, let's help open kids' eyes to the world of possibilities out there!  
As part of the Yale Day of Service, we are hosting a career day for third, fourth and fifth graders at the William H. Holmes Elementary School in Mt. Vernon on Friday, May 9.  We are hoping to have people from all walks of life -- those working in the private and public sectors, in the arts, in the "informal" sector, those who have taken a direct or more circuitous route from Yale to where you are now.  
We welcome you to come tell your story, sharing how you arrived at where you are today: what kinds of experiences inspired and shaped your career decisions, what kinds of zigs and zags you made along the way, what you would tell your younger self if you were to do it all again. 
Join us on May 9, and who knows, this might just be a transformative experience for a young mind... and for you too!

Alumni, friends and family can still register for one of the four Westchester sites, including the Mt. Vernon site, by clicking YDoS.

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