Sunday, November 24, 2013

Their Game, This Year, But in 2014?

Yale will win in 2014--a promise.
"Harvard's team may fight to the end," so go the old fight-song lyrics, "but Yale will...."

Well, Yale will look with hope and optimism to emerge victorious in the 131st Game in Boston next year.  A promise.

Harvard won The Game, the 130th of the rivalry Nov. 23 in the Yale Bowl, in convincing fashion, 34-7, scoring touchdowns swiftly and adeptly in the first half. It even managed to swipe a share of the Ivy League title in the process.

For those who keep up (and for the countless who care), Yale lost The Game for the seventh consecutive time. But for that same population slice absorbed in numbers, stats and Game lore, Harvard's win Nov. 23 means it must win at least eight more times to tie Yale in the long series. Yale has won that many more times (although only once in the past 13 Games).

The winds whipped and swirled all afternoon. Game patrons, all wrapped up, huddled among themselves--all 50,900 of them.  Some fled the Bowl as soon as the bands performed their half-time scrambles. Many on the Yale side, with a sense of duty, remained in their cold, shadow-swamped seats, because there was a fleeting notion that Yale would catch up and toss the Hail Mary that would clip the Cantabs with no time left.  But it was just a random thought.

Harvard scored too fast, too often in the first half, taking a 28-0 lead
Stephen Shoemaker '15 of Bronxville, a reserve offensive lineman, wearing no. 69 for Yale, represented Westchester.

In the end, Harvard students rushed the field.  And so did some Yale students, because that's what Yale and Harvard students do. Harvard students cheered their football schoolmates. Yalies celebrated they don't have "school on Monday" and vowed to seize The Game in 2014.

Or perhaps they continued a celebration of Yale winning, not The Game, but a national championship in men's hockey.

AYA hosted a big tent for Yale alumni. Yale players from the Class of '14, seniors, were introduced one by one before The Game. (YWAA photos)

Harvard students celebrated an Ivy championship, while Yale students could celebrate both a hockey national title and "no school on Monday"

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