Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yale in September


September at Yale means green grass, green leaves, blue skies, abundant sunshine, and cheerful, cordial freshmen.  Students embrace "shopping period," strolling to class in shorts, shades and flip-flops.  September days are precious, because the best of Yale is outdoors. On Cross Campus lawns, in courtyards, on intramural fields, at the Yale Bowl, on the steps of  Lanman-Wright Hall on Old Campus, at a sunny setting outside Beinecke Library, or on sidewalks along Chapel Street.  The scenes below depict a recent afternoon in September New Haven. (YWAA photos)
Davenport College, Yale, in September
Branford College, surrounded in green and blue

Old Campus, with freshmen away in class
experiencing a Yale lecture, section or lab for the first time

Battell Chapel after recent renovations
The Yale Drama School prepares for a fall season
Harkness Tower
Bass Libary:  No longer the newest building on campus

Broadway: Stores greet returning students joyfully

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