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Launching a YWAA "Blog"



Board Members

Tim Mattison, President
BK Munguia, Vice President
Rich Fabbro, Treasurer
Dana Sands, Secretary
Bill Primps, Chair, Alumni Schools Committee

Bill Nightingale
Mordechai Beizer
Tracy Williams
Susan Kaminsky
Elyse Klayman
Dan Leonard 
Ellen Umansky
Jane Veron
Joan Faier
Peter Santhanam
Regina Possavino
Steven Snyder
Scott Sherman
Holland Sullivan
Travis Long
Sara Levine

Past Presidents
Bruce Jennings
Merrell Clark
Dan Leonard
David King

July, 2013

The Yale Westchester Alumni Association (YWAA) has launched a new blog (2013), following the examples of other Yale alumni groups across the country.

The site acts as a "portal" or gateway to the YWAA main site. It will be a lively vehicle to keep Yale alumni in the area abreast of activities, features, events, and people--with a Westchester point of view. It won't replace the YWAA main site, nor will it replicate other Yale sites.

Updated regularly, it will promote upcoming events, provide recaps of recent activities, and present short features, highlights, photos and profiles--all related to Yale, alumni or Westchester. It should add something extra that alumni might not see in official Yale-related sites.

"Blog" may not be the appropriate term, because it won't be a forum or storehouse of polarizing opinion pieces. But "blog" is a convenient platform, permitting frequent updates and covering many topics.

For example, there might be features about Yale Day of Service, a capella groups that come to town, special-interest groups with interesting agenda, fundraising events, debate contests, alumni service projects, admitted students' receptions, book awards, Yale-prof lectures in local venues, sports, or an alumna's concert recital in Rye.

Upcoming posts this summer might focus on admissions processes, concerts at Caramoor, Shakespeare at Boscobel, new Yale president Salovey's visit to Westchester, Westchester athletes on Yale playing fields, or any notable alumni activity. Remember, with a Westchester angle.

While launching, we welcome input and ideas from all in the community of Yale Westchester. We hope to keep it going and keep it relevant and intriguing.

We welcome blog ideas, input and feedback. Contact us at

 A Message from Tim Mattison '73, YWAA President

The YWAA was founded in 1908 for the principal purpose of providing financial aid for undergraduate students at Yale. Today we still support scholarships, but we also do much more to serve our Westchester community and Yale University.

The YWAA brings Yale to Westchester with concerts, debates, faculty lectures, the Yale Day of Service and support for a Yale summer intern in Westchester.

The YWAA brings Westchester to Yale with 50 Yale Book Awards given annually at Westchester high schools, and more than twenty-five Westchester undergraduates currently at Yale receive financial aid that comes in part from local donations to YWAA. Through the Yale Alumni Schools Committee, we enlist volunteers to meet with undergraduate applicants.

How can you help? We welcome your participation and attendance at all YWAA events and activities. You can also volunteer to share your time and talent. Unfortunately, all of this costs money. Your support makes YWAA possible. All Yale alumni and parents living in Westchester are members of YWAA, whether you make a donation or not. However, YWAA depends upon contributions from the Yale Westchester community for support, and as a 501(c)(3) organization your YWAA contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.

To make a donation online, please visit our website where you may also find more information about our organization and future events. Alternatively you may complete the donation form below and return it with your contribution. Your continuing support is very much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming YWAA event.

Sincerely yours,

Timothy Mattison ‘73
President, YWAA
Dec., 2014

Yale University and the AYA do not endorse and are not responsible for the content of this Web site. 

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